The Bronx

With more than 100,000 people facing food insecurity in the borough, the Bronx faces one of the highest rates of hunger in the United States. Nearly 24% of Bronx seniors live below the poverty line, meaning frail aged seniors would suffer malnourishment without our regular deliveries.  

Citymeals delivered 446,892 meals to 2,977 homebound elderly in the Bronx in the last fiscal year.

The Bronx is also home to Riverdale Country School whose students began volunteering in our Pack the Pantry program in 2016. Begun in 2013 to support our Mobile Food Pantry, Pack the Pantry helps schoolchildren get involved in our work by donating shelf-stable food and then packing the bags that are delivered to our neediest recipients. The children – along with their parents – have also delivered holidays boxes to keep their isolated older neighbors nourished when meal centers are closed.