What We Deliver

Citymeals on Wheels provides a continuous lifeline of nourishing meals and vital companionship to our homebound elderly neighbors. Learn more about how we do it and see our work in action.

Meal Programs

Citymeals delivers weekend, holiday and emergency meals to frail aged New Yorkers, ensuring they never go a day without a nutritious meal and a warm visit.

Weekend Meals

Saturday and Sunday meals delivered by hand each week
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Holiday Meals

Festive meals for major holidays
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Holiday Boxes

Boxes containing nonperishable meals provided before holidays when our centers must close
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Emergency Meals

Bags with three shelf-stable meals for times when emergencies delay our regular deliveries
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Emergency Food Packages

Packages containing four nonperishable meals delivered in preparation for harsh winter weather
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Seasonal Pantry Boxes

Packages containing three meals and nutritious snacks, delivered each spring and summer so recipients have supplemental food.

Mobile Food Pantry

Bags of shelf-stable food brought to those most at risk of malnutrition
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Volunteer Programs

Citymeals has established a network of compassionate volunteers who help make our work possible.

Meal Delivery

Delivering meals on foot within walking distance of local senior centers

Friendly Visiting 

Pairing kindhearted individuals with their isolated neighbors in need of companionship
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Handmade Cards

Crafting cards to deliver on holidays, birthdays and special occasions
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Social Calls

Reaching out to isolated elderly neighbors over the phone for a weekly chat. 

Kitchen Helpers

Packaging and serving meals at local senior centers

Office Helpers

Working on special projects with the Citymeals Volunteer Department

Aging Initiatives

Citymeals understands the importance of nourishing vulnerable older New Yorkers – and being there for them when they need it most. That’s why we provide support through special elder care initiatives. 

911 Emergency Phone Units

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Oral Health Study

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Elder Abuse & Alzheimer’s Disease Training

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