Mobile Food Pantry

Our meal recipients don’t have the option of walking to a grocery store or a food pantry when their cupboards are bare – they are simply too old and frail. Almost all of our meal recipients use assistive devices for walking, and some use more than one. Many of them can hardly walk at all. And we know that among those we serve, 14% get by on just the one meal a day that we deliver.  

Citymeals' Mobile Food Pantry began a decade ago to provide supplementary food for those most at risk for malnourishment. Each month we deliver hearty staples – like stews, soups, brown rice, whole-grain breakfast cereal and canned fruit and vegetables – to recipients across the city. Many of them live in the city’s most food-insecure neighborhoods. 

A meal recipient accepting a nutritious delivery.
Our Mobile Food Pantry serves older New Yorkers living in some of the city's most food insecure neighborhoods. 

Citymeals has strengthened this vital program by forging relationships with food pantries and volunteer groups working in the South Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn – areas with the city’s highest levels of food insecurity. Community-based partnerships are enabling us to deliver more food each year to our most vulnerable neighbors and accelerate local action to fight hunger. 

Last year we delivered 86,809 Mobile Food Pantry meals to supplement our regular deliveries.