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Linda delivering meals

On The Frontlines

After five years, delivering meals has become a ritual for Linda. First, she checks her list, then she’s off to climb stairs and knock on doors. With each recipient, she spends a few minutes catching up. She knows who prefers “Miss” or “Mister” and who likes being called by their first name.

Moving slowly, sometimes painstakingly, to answer the door, Linda is always patient. As an essential worker, Linda has been at the forefront of responding to Covid-19. Quick to smile and normally unflappable, Linda admits the pandemic has been the most challenging time of her career. “A lot of these people don’t have family and they’re alone. So their Citymeals deliverer may be the only conversation they have that day.”

Linda delivering meals

Before the virus, the recipients on her route might step out to get their mail or see someone in the hall. Now, every interaction is dangerous and Covid-19 has only amplified their isolation. That’s why Linda always makes time to check in with each meal recipient. “They’re like moms and dads to me… I really cherish them and look up to them,” she beams.

While Linda delights in conversation, she misses the hugs from those on her route. “With the pandemic, we have to be so distant from each other. It’s like we’re missing that passion we have for each other.” The affection runs both ways. “They’re definitely scared for their lives, but they want to protect me as much as I want to protect them,” Linda explains.

Working the same route every day, Linda generally knows what to expect. So when she picks up her delivery sheet and sees a name missing, she always fears the worst. Despite her years of experience, Linda says the shock and sadness of losing a meal recipient never goes away. “The worst part of this is to lose a client. It’s been to the point that sometimes I just want to take a break. But then you’ve got to jump back in and remember I have sixty other people who need me.”

It’s that natural optimism that endears Linda to those we serve.

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