Emergency Food Packages

Harsh winter weather presents many challenges for our older neighbors. But for New York City’s most vulnerable population – the homebound elderly – these conditions are especially dangerous. Snow and ice trap the frail aged inside their homes, making them especially vulnerable to hunger and isolation. 

That’s why our warehouse buzzes with activity every fall as workers assemble Emergency Food Packages (EFPs) for our meal recipients. Each EFP contains the equivalent of four shelf-stable meals, including staples like tuna, organic brown rice, applesauce, oatmeal, and vegetables – as well as special treats like hot chocolate and low-sugar cookies.

EFPs are a lifeline for our isolated older neighbors during the winter months. The shelf-stable meals we provide fill their kitchen cabinets, acting as insurance when harsh winter weather like snow, ice and freezing rain delays our regular meal deliveries.

see a video of our warehouse staff Preparing Emergency Food Packages

Citymeals staff and volunteers hand-deliver EFPs to all meal recipients in the fall, ensuring they will be well-prepared for the coming winter months.

In Fiscal Year 2020, Citymeals provided 72,544 shelf-stable meals in advance of the winter.