Weekend Meals

Homebound elderly New Yorkers never have to worry they might go without food on any day of the week. On weekends they’re assured a good, hearty meal will be delivered.

Citymeals partners with community-based organizations and senior centers throughout the five boroughs to provide hand-delivered meals on Saturdays and Sundays – times for which government funding is unavailable – to ensure our older neighbors are nourished every day.

As the only city nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering meals to older New Yorkers, we focus on their overall health and well-being. Our meals must meet strict federal guidelines developed by nutritionists. Each includes a protein, vegetable, fruit and a whole grain or enriched bread component, as well as vitamin C-enriched juice.


But Citymeals provides more than just nourishment. Every meal is delivered by hand, creating the opportunity for our frail aged neighbors to connect with the person delivering. These reliable visits provide a sense of comfort for our isolated elderly who often no longer have any living family or friends nearby.

In Fiscal Year 2020, we provided 1,622,656 weekend meals.

Read in the New York Times about a Citymeals volunteer who delivers meals each Sunday.

See what it takes to nourish our recipients all year long