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Established in Spring 2016, the Friends of Citymeals brings together charitable New Yorkers interested in giving back and dedicated to supporting their homebound elderly neighbors.

The Friends engage both social and professional networks as they lend their diverse expertise to raise awareness and funds for the city’s most vulnerable population. By volunteering for meal deliveries one Saturday a month they stay connected with our recipients. In addition to their own fundraisers, the Friends also participate in Team Citymeals and other Citymeals events.

The Friends of Citymeals Committee meets quarterly and is co-chaired by Alessandro Ercolano and Anne Siefken. Committee members include: Meghan Dorsey, Jeffrey Keltz, Jenna Menkes, Damon Owlia, Esra Ozer, Leah Rodgers and Rita Rodriguez. The Board Liaison is Danielle Smith.

For more information on the Friends of Citymeals, contact: