Emergency Meals

When the unexpected arises, Citymeals is always prepared to step up. As a designated emergency responder for the city’s seniors, it is our duty to ensure we are there for our most vulnerable neighbors during times of crisis.

Before the city went into lockdown, Citymeals knew Covid-19 would create a food crisis for elderly New Yorkers. In March 2020, we had already begun packing and distributing nutritious emergency meals to our isolated, older New Yorkers. At the height of the pandemic, we were providing emergency meals to nearly 50,000 vulnerable seniors in need, many living in public and senior housing.

Citymeals ensures that elderly New Yorkers have food on hand – whether they’re impacted by a major crisis like the pandemic, extreme weather or a local power outage. To support our preparedness work, we opened Citymeals’  Emergency Meal Distribution Center in the Bronx in 2018. We now keep over 50,000 emergency meals on hand at all times, ready to distribute at a moment’s notice. Should an emergency disrupt regular meal deliveries, Citymeals is ready to step in and provide emergency bags – each containing three shelf-stable meals – and a sense of security.

When the community is IN need, Citymeals on Wheels is there to provide nourishing food to seniors — often with a bright smile and a warm hug.

- Councilwoman Margaret Chin

warehouse photo

In Fiscal Year 2022, we delivered 95,668 emergency meals.

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