Send Kind Words to an Isolated Older New Yorker

Your note will bring comfort and smiles this Thanksgiving

Although the pandemic persists, many of us may feel safe celebrating Thanksgiving this year with a few friends and family. For our often forgotten neighbors — New York City’s homebound elderly — the holidays are merely a painful reminder of their loneliness as the dangers of Covid-19 keep them isolated and cut off from their city.

At 95, Dora has lost both her husband and her only son. Now with her vision rapidly declining, she is no longer as independent as she once was.

For Dora and many of our meal recipients like her, the Citymeals deliverer is the only friendly face they see regularly.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, there’s a small act of kindness you can share. Will you write a few kind words to let vulnerable elderly neighbors like Dora know they have not been forgotten?

Remind a frail aged New Yorker that someone cares. Your note will bring a smile to their face when it’s delivered with their festive holiday meal.

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