Chefs Deliver

From our founding in 1981, the restaurant community has been an integral part of Citymeals’ success. In 2014, Citymeals Board Co-President Chef Daniel Boulud and Board Member Chef Charlie Palmer determined to get New York City chefs even more involved. Together, they created Chefs Deliver, a program that provides restaurant-quality meals to homebound elderly New Yorkers.

See a video from our inaugural delivery in January 2014

Chefs Deliver brings together a rotating cast of culinary stars who, once a month, lend their talents to Citymeals – cooking and often personally delivering meals right to the doors of homebound elderly New Yorkers. Learn who’s been a part of Chefs Deliver.

We tend to take for granted how easy it is to go grab lunch at a great restaurant. But for so many people that is simply not an option.

– Chef Charlie Palmer

From iconic establishments and destination restaurants to popular casual spots, some of the city’s best kitchens prepare delicious meals that delight the chefs’ isolated older neighbors throughout the city. Their meals are a special treat for our recipients who can no longer enjoy the simple pleasure of going out to eat. See photos from past deliveries.

See a video from the one-year anniversary of Chefs Deliver