Volunteers Heave and Tiffany

Bronx residents Heava and her 15-year-old daughter Tiffany deliver meals together each weekend to their homebound elderly neighbors on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

After the deliveries, their last stop of the day is an extra special one. They travel back to the Bronx to see Ms. Ross, an 84-year-old meal recipient suffering from osteoarthritis who relies on a wheelchair to get around her small apartment. Heava and Tiffany have developed a close relationship with Ms. Ross through the Citymeals Friendly Visiting program, which brings together frail aged New Yorkers with volunteers who want to help their isolated older neighbors stay connected with the outside world through regular visits.

“We’ve really come to love her,” Heava explains. “I’ll call her during the week if she was worrying about something or she had a doctor’s appointment. We talk about current events, and usually watch some TV. 

“She is the nicest lady – and she gives really good hugs,” Tiffany says about Ms. Ross. “During the summer, we also take her to our local library that has a weekly music performance. It’s a lot of fun for all of us.”

Heava said that since she and her daughter have started regularly volunteering together, they have built an even stronger relationship. Tiffany, who has received awards for her volunteer efforts, loves spending this invaluable time with her mom and brightening the meal recipients’ days.