Senior Script

Every day we receive letters from our meal recipients. Some just want to thank us for the enjoyable meals and friendly delivery staff while others share personal stories from their past.

My Dear Friends,

It truly is a blessing what all of you are doing for me and others. I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. So long for now.

Your Friend,

Volunteers in our Senior Script program respond to every letter like this – and through that exchange of words, relationships frequently develop and carry on as regular correspondence. It’s this kind of interaction that reminds our homebound elderly neighbors they haven’t been forgotten.

Letters can discuss your favorite holiday memories, favorite holiday meals, your friends or family, places you've visited or lived, and stories of celebrating the holidays with an elderly loved one.

Please observe the following guidelines so our homebound elderly neighbors can get the most out of your festive letter.

  • Please use decorative stationary or note cards. Do not use your organization’s stationary.
  • Write/type in large print, so that seniors with limited vision can read it.
  • At the start of the letter, you should clearly identify yourself as a Citymeals on Wheels Volunteer.
  • A little information about yourself can make for a more interesting read, but please do not give out your address or phone number.
  • You can write: Happy Holidays, Enjoy the Holiday, Season’s Greetings, etc, but please do not specify which holiday.
  • Remember to sign your letter with just your first name and last initial.
  • Please do not seal your envelopes. Citymeals must read them to ensure the content is appropriate before mailing to our seniors.

Please send all letters to:

     Liz Cantillo
     Operations Manager
     Cityfoods Services for Citymeals on Wheels
     309 Drake Street
     Bronx, NY. 10474