January 27, 2013

For two weeks this winter, customers at Duane Reade, the New York City-based drugstore chain, were asked to donate their spare change to help feed New York City’s homebound elderly as part of a partnership with Citymeals on Wheels. This year marked Duane Reade’s second year participating in this initiative.
More than 250 Duane Reade retail outlets pitched in from January 20, 2013 through February 2, 2013.  As part of Duane Reade’s special “Pin Up” program, customers during this period were encouraged to donate to Citymeals when making purchases at the register to support the not-for-profit organization that raises private funds to prepare and deliver weekend, holiday and emergency meals to the homebound elderly throughout the boroughs of New York City.  Duane Reade staff collected “Pin Up” notes -- cards that display the donor’s name for each $1.00 donation -- that were displayed in the store.  

Beth Shapiro, Executive Director of Citymeals on Wheels, said “Each day, hundreds of thousands of people count on Duane Reade and its staff.  It is heartwarming to know our homebound elderly received support from this New York institution in the form of a nutritious meal and a warm, friendly visit from a meal deliverer.  On behalf of our frail aged neighbors, thank you for your generosity.”
Aileen Rodriguez, Duane Reade Charitable Foundation President, said, “Our staff takes pride in serving this great city and those who live here every day.  By helping raise funds for Citymeals on Wheels, we are helping people who helped make New York what it is today.”
Over the years, Citymeals on Wheels has raised nearly $5 million through initiatives with retail stores and restaurants throughout the City.