July 12, 2013

Over 100 generous volunteers from Seafarers International, Mission NYC and American Express helped deliver 14,951 holiday boxes to ensure homebound elderly New Yorkers would not go hungry when meal delivery centers were closed for the Fourth of July. Each Independence Day box contained three shelf-stable meals.

This summer, in addition to food, Citymeals also provided emergency supplies in each package: bottled water and an all-in-one radio, flashlight, siren and phone charger with a hand-crank rechargeable battery. Beth Shapiro, Citymeals Executive Director, stated, “After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Citymeals deemed it imperative to provide a lifeline in times of emergencies and blackouts. We deliver thousands of holiday meal boxes annually, and this year, we added water and this special device to better prepare our meal recipients during disasters.”

Many frail aged New Yorkers have outlived their family and friends and spend their days alone. This Fourth of July, Citymeals guaranteed that they were taken care of with healthy food and a friendly visit. The three-meal boxes included pouches of salmon and tuna, chopped tomatoes, mixed fruit, coffee and tea, organic instant pasta, low sugar cookies, and crackers to enjoy throughout the long weekend.

In a letter to Citymeals, Gina, an 88-year-old meal recipient, wrote, “Thank you for all the meals – and the special package we received for the holiday. Time is flying, faster than I can walk! Anyway, I especially love the milk, fruit and flashlight. I can’t believe what a wonderful gift this is. Thank you, thank you!”