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Chef Bill Telepan

A Sweet Way to Give

Chefs are some of the most generous and giving people – of their time, resources and voices. We also have a platform to speak out and engage with our communities. For many chefs like me, hunger is a really important issue because we know good nutrition is vital to a person’s overall well-being. Supporting and partnering with organizations like Citymeals is just one way we help raise awareness and fight hunger on a consistent basis.

Chocolate Bar
Through the end of September, a portion of proceeds from Oceana's delicious Chocolate Bar will support Citymeals.

That’s why Oceana is proud to partner with Citymeals for a second year on Sweet September. All through the month, you can enjoy Chef Doug Hernandez’s Chocolate Bar and a portion of proceeds will go directly to preparing meals for our city’s homebound elderly.

I love our Chocolate Bar. Its flavorful combination of sweet and savory really hits it out of the ballpark. It’s a very popular dish at Oceana and one of my favorites. The crunchy hazelnuts and the creaminess of the chocolate makes it extra special. I am sure many people will see the Citymeals logo on the menu and won’t feel as guilty about ordering an extra dessert!

Chef Bill Telepan
Chef Telepan delivering special meals from his restaurant to his homebound elderly neighbors.

I have seen the impact of Citymeals’ work firsthand. Through their Chefs Deliver program I met elderly people and learned about the many challenges they experience daily, from being completely isolated in their homes and not having family members or help nearby, to the physical challenges that make shopping and preparing a meal truly impossible. Their day is difficult enough! Citymeals really makes a difference.

And that’s why ordering a Chocolate Bar this month is so important – every dollar makes a difference for the senior citizens Citymeals serves.

I hope you’ll stop by our restaurant. There really is something here for everyone whether it’s a casual after-work drink or light weekend snacks. We have two bars to choose from. Plus, we’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can enjoy a relaxing meal at any time of the day.

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