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At our 34th Annual Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on June 10th, we’ll celebrate the culinary collaborations between chefs and the artisanal purveyors who make their menus unique. “The Butcher, The Baker, The Cocktail Shaker” will bring together over 45 chefs and farmers, butchers, fish mongers, foragers, craft distillers and mixologists to present their best dishes and drinks at Rockefeller Center. Since its inception, Chefs' Tribute has raised nearly $22 million to provide home-delivered meals to frail aged New Yorkers.

We asked some of these culinary talents about their relationships with their purveyors, favorite seasonal ingredients and connection to Citymeals.

Why is your relationship with your highlighted purveyor so special?

Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork believes in raising animals with care, which is directly in line with our sourcing philosophy. -Michael Gallina of Vicia

Verde Farms is bringing the Uruguayan gaucho tradition to the States. -Lucía Soria of Jacinto Restaurant

Tonjes Family Dairy has some of the best mozzarella I’ve ever had. They can be found at the Union Square Market. -Chefs’ Tribute Founding Chef Larry Forgione of Restaurant Davide

Beatrice and Gustiamo have the human touch. -Silvana Vivoli of Stella 34 & Vivoli Gelateria

At the 34th Annual Chefs' Tribute, Chef Silvana Vivoli will be serving her famous Gelato di Risotto ai Pinoli.

What past or current philanthropic efforts have led you to work with Citymeals?

Going on Citymeals deliveries has been some of the most rewarding philanthropic work I have done. Meeting and talking to the people that will be enjoying the meals I prepared has been so amazing. -Citymeals Board Member Michael White of Ristorante Morini

I grew up in New York in a building with aging neighbors. I know firsthand the value in providing them not just a meal, but with companionship. -Jonah Miller of Huertas

Working with Citymeals has given me an opportunity to help the people of the city that I’ve called home for over 30 years. -Citymeals Board Member Charlie Palmer of Aureole

Marc & Larry Forgione
Chef Marc Forgione and his father, Larry Forgione, one of the event's founding chefs, will join us for Tribute again this year.

As one of the founding chefs of the first Tribute, 34 years ago, it’s wonderful that this amazing charitable event is still going strong. -Chefs’ Tribute Co-Founder Jonathan Waxman of Jams

We feel that Citymeals' efforts to take care of our homebound elderly are especially important. When we were approached to partake in Chefs’ Tribute, we just couldn't say no. We're honored to take part! -Louis Bayla & Kevin Woods of Little Park

What is the ingredient you keep stocked the most?

CHOCOLATE! -Richard Capizzi of Lincoln Ristorante

All kinds of fermented veggies. -Francis Guzmán of Vianda

I always have miso paste, soy sauce and rice in my pantry. And sake for drinking!
-Masaharu Morimoto of Morimoto Asia

As soon as it’s in season, what ingredient do you get excited about cooking with and eating? 

Spruce tips – relatively obscure, they impart such a unique taste and texture to dishes. -Morgan Jarrett of Yellow Magnolia Café 

I love cooking artichokes barigoule. From beginning to end, it’s an amazing process. -Christina N. Towers of Café Centro

Cherries – one of my favorites from when I was a child. -Angie Mar of The Beatrice Inn

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