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Rounding Up for Citymeals

I have worn many aprons at Citarella over the last 25 years, working in partnership with my husband, Joe Gurrera. Currently, I lead our creative teams overseeing marketing, PR, and store design. Citarella owes its success to New Yorkers who are passionate about food. And so as Citarella expands, I’ve worked to make sure that we are helping others along the way.

I joined the board of Citymeals over ten years ago and ever since, Citarella has led an annual holiday Round-Up to support Citymeals. Customers at any of our stores can make a donation to Citymeals at the register – even just rounding up their purchase to the nearest dollar. The entire Citarella family supports the Citymeals Round-Up. Our teams and managers from each location go on meal deliveries to understand firsthand how we are making a difference in the lives of our elderly neighbors.


And with the support of our generous customers, I am amazed to say that we have raised almost $900,000 since we launched this program over a decade ago – that’s enough to provide over 135,000 meals to older New Yorkers in need. We are hoping this year we will reach the million dollar mark!

These frail aged neighbors live all over this big city – many are trapped on the upper floors of walks-ups unable to navigate the stairs. Others are isolated in their own neighborhoods, which have changed and now feel unfamiliar and may be confusing to navigate. Some are in wheelchairs and managing disabilities. Many are just too overwhelmed to do anything more than get up each morning.

As a member of the Citymeals Board, I am so grateful to be part of a group that is driven by a simple mission: to provide a meal and a friendly smile to those who aren’t able to shop and cook for themselves. And at Citarella, food is not only our business, it’s our passion. It’s a bond I share with all the diverse New Yorkers who consider themselves foodies. I am especially grateful to all of Citarella’s customers who help us to give back.

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