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Meals Delivered & Lives Changed

Maybe you’ve heard the numbers — more than two million meals delivered annually to over 18,000 homebound elderly New Yorkers. But behind those numbers are stories of lives changed by nutritious meals and warm visits.

That’s why I hope you’ll take the time to read our 2018 Annual Report. It captures the people behind Citymeals, illustrating our many accomplishments over the past year and our supporters, who have improved the lives of frail aged New Yorkers.

Last year, we expanded our Mobile Food Pantry by 13% into some of the city’s poorest and hungriest neighborhoods. For those who survive on the one meal a day we provide, these pantry deliveries have been lifesaving.

And last March, when the city was battered by four blizzards in four weeks, we ensured an unbroken lifeline of nourishing meals to our vulnerable friends, never missing a single delivery. I hope you’ll read about how our meal deliverers, like Angie, get it done. She knocks on 55 doors each day to check in on her neighbors, like 101-year-old Josephine.

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At 101 years old, Josephine is the oldest person on Angie’s delivery route. She has lived in the same building for 40 years.

As a testament to our city’s kindness, we also saw a nearly 20% increase in volunteers, who are essential to fulfilling our mission. Our volunteers touch the lives of people like Audrey, who you’ll meet in this report. At 88, she has outlived her beloved husband Jack and all of her friends. Without us, she would face aging and her declining health alone.

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Audrey worked for decades at NBC during the golden era of television. She met her husband Jack at the network.

Hardworking, talented, caring, courageous – these are just a few words to describe our meal recipients. The frail aged New Yorkers we serve were the fabric weaving our city together. Now, they rely on Citymeals.

There are 1.4 million seniors across the five boroughs and the number is only growing. So too is the need. With the close of our last fiscal year, we delivered the 58 millionth meal since our founding in 1981. Thank you for supporting Citymeals and keeping your vulnerable elderly neighbors in your hearts and minds.

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