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It's Better to Give Than Receive

My grandmother is perhaps the most famous Sylvia in New York City. As the heir to her legacy – Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem – I’ve had the honor of carrying on her work. And that includes her devotion to Citymeals on Wheels and our city's most vulnerable population, the homebound elderly.

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity once again to knock on their doors and deliver a special meal of fried chicken, mac and cheese and cornbread prepared at Sylvia’s. And I’m so grateful my generous restaurant friends at Babbalucci and Sexy Taco Dirty Cash joined us that day. Together, we prepared and delivered more than 200 meals for our older neighbors in Harlem.

I also met 80-year-old Alice, who used to play on her high school’s basketball team in North Carolina. Now she needs a wheeling walker just to get around her small apartment. 

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The privilege of nourishing individuals like her with a meal and a friendly visit gives life to my favorite bible verse: "To whom much is given, much is required." I’m thankful for the opportunity Citymeals provides to live this verse out loud.

And I’m extremely excited, and humbled, that Citymeals will be honoring me at their annual Power Lunch for Women – an acknowledgement of my dedication to older New Yorkers in need. I first attended this lunch, which is now in its 31st year, with my late grandmother many years ago and ever since then I’ve felt a commitment in my soul to support Citymeals on Wheels.

As my grandmother Sylvia would often say: It is better to give than receive... And you couldn't beat her giving! This holiday season be sure to take time to check in on your elderly neighbors that live alone. Your visit will enrich their lives and yours.

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