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Daniel Boulud

Dining with Daniel

At Citymeals, we mark the start of spring with our annual Sunday Supper hosted by the inimitable Daniel Boulud, our Board Co-President. He has been a devoted Citymeals supporter for more than 25 years – not only raising funds and awareness for our work, but also cooking for our meal recipients, on special occasions, and delivering meals to their doors in emergencies, too. He’s an incredible person to be able to work with on this event and throughout the year. 

DB with MR
Chef Boulud delivering to a Citymeals recipient in Manhattan. He established our Chefs Deliver program, which gives chefs an opportunity to prepare and deliver an extra special meal to Citymeals recipients in their neighborhood.

Chef Boulud began hosting Sunday Supper 23 years ago – closing Restaurant DANIEL for this intimate and unforgettable evening. As soon as you step in the door, the smell of fresh flowers strikes you. Once seated at the table, one glass of fine wine flows after another, each vintage carefully paired with the menu. And every canapé and course is more inventive and fun than the next.


Each year, Chef Boulud invites special guest chefs to join him in the kitchen for Sunday Supper. They come from far and wide, are old friends and new talents. One can only imagine what it’s like to cook by his side. And they share with guests what Citymeals provides frail aged New Yorkers each day – nourishment, comfort and joy.


All this extravagance is for a purpose – Sunday Supper has raised nearly $12 million over the years, to fund the preparation and delivery of meals for New Yorkers too old and frail to shop or cook for themselves. Joining us that night, are some of Citymeals’ most dedicated supporters. We are grateful to everyone who attends, for strengthening the vital lifeline of meals and companionship that Citymeals ensures for over 18,000 frail aged New Yorkers.

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