High School Students

A high-school student on a friendly visiting trip with a homebound senior.

All potential student volunteers must attend an orientation (at their school or our office) at which time students will choose their volunteer opportunity and senior center site. Citymeals on Wheels will ensure that each senior center will have a coordinator to oversee the program or activity in which the students are involved.

Each student involved in a teaching activity (computer lab or specialty class) will have to commit to a certain period of time on a consistent basis at the same senior center. They will work with the individual coordinators to set up their hours and days and the students and coordinators will be expected to keep track of the time worked.

Each student will receive a silver medal for 50 hours of service completed, and a gold medal for 100 hours or more of service. In addition, there can be a commemoration of the end of the school year activities with a party at the senior center, thanking the students for their time and dedication to the program.

who will the student volunteers work with?

The volunteers will be working with senior center members. The members are 60 years and older and mostly live within the community their center serves. The majority of members are between 74 and 85 years old. These "congregate" members come daily for socialization, education, recreation, information and nutrition. The centers we are working with on this program are also meals on wheels sites. They deliver meals to homebound elderly – those who have mobility issues or other illnesses which prevent them from shopping and cooking for themselves – on a daily basis. Often time, the congregate members end up homebound, receiving meals from the centers they once visited every day. Many of them consider their senior center like a second home.

Citymeals on Wheels works closely with these centers to provide weekend, holiday and emergency meals to their homebound clients, in addition to providing volunteers to help work with their congregate members.

how do I get involved?

Feel free to download and complete the application.

If you have any questions, please contact Vivienne O’Neill, Director of Volunteer Programs at 212-687-1234 or Vivienne@citymeals.org or Sheila Clay, Volunteer Coordinator at 212-687-1234 or Sheila@citymeals.org.