Meal Recipient Stories

Last year, our family of donors and friends helped Citymeals deliver 2 million nutritious meals to 18,000 frail aged in every borough of New York City.

While we are proud of these numbers, it’s stories about our meal recipients that truly chronicle our success. Take a moment to meet a few elderly homebound neighbors who are living independent lives thanks to Citymeals and generous people like you.


After all these years spent with a devoted companion by his side, John now finds himself living alone in the place he’s called home for more than six decades.

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Zoila worked as a teacher and first came to New York City so she could better learn English to instruct her students. But marriage and a baby kept her here.

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Victoria’s life today stands in stark contrast to her youth in Europe which straddled both World Wars.

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Maria recently turned 89 years old – no small feat after having survived the Holocaust, the Hungarian Revolution, her husband’s death, and breast cancer.

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Irene is very particular about things, especially around her home. Diagnosed with glaucoma in 1990, she lost the majority of her sight within five years.

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Eighty-six-year-old John was a bellman – or, as he describes it, “the wheels on the suitcase” – for many years.

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