Citymeals Dineout

"The Perfect Recipe for Generosity"


Citymeals-on-Wheels provides an opportunity to elevate the traditional fine dining experience through the Citymeals Dineout, “The Best Tables in Town.” Since 1984, the annual program has inspired some of New York City’s most prominent and charitable restaurants. For every generous donor who gives to the program, a restaurant reciprocates by creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Moreover, donors are happy that 100% of their charitable contribution funds the delivery of meals to homebound, elderly New Yorkers in need. Over the years, Corporate Dineout has raised nearly $16 million, enough to fund the delivery of almost 3 million nutritious meals.

With every $3,000 gift, donors enjoy a first-class dinner for six, accompanied by a magnum of Champagne and fine wine. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, entertain business associates, or simply enjoy company of family and friends, the dinners are a pleasurable way to fund Citymeals’ services.

Restaurants are selected for each table purchaser in a lottery drawing that takes places in mid-March. Donors who would like to secure a certain restaurant can choose from our list when they select to become a $10,000 sponsor. Reservations can be made any time between April 15 and August 15.

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